What We Do...

Phat Pak Finishing employs and trains women from the local community.  These women now have a variety of skills and perform tasks like; 

  • threading ribbon or cotton through a swing ticket or gift card and knotting each one in exactly the same way
  • folding gift cards and glueing a design, bead work or fabric to the front, and inserting into a plastic sleeve
  • folding cards or letters, inserting into an envelope and sealing, attaching sticky address label to the front and batching for posting
  • folding and taping belly-bands around a magazine
  • glueing beads onto 40 000 bottles in a prescribed pattern
  • collating and folding a community newspaper, inserting – with a pre printed and personalised sheet into a bag and sealing for postage
  • folding satin awareness ribbons and attaching a safety pin – each ribbon exactly the same shape and size
  • The hand work we can perform is varied and tailor-made for each job.  If you have a project or an idea that needs to be hand sorted or worked with,  phone us!


We are the wrapping, packing, mail house that cares.